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The list of all file types in Linux

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Sometimes it is difficult to understand the mechanism of an OS, especially if you work with it for the first time. The most popular file types are regular files and directories but there are also 5 other types about which absolutely everyone should know. Today’s article is going to be useful for many beginners. 

Quality mattress

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Choosing a comfortable and quality mattress is fascinating yet serious. It is important to consider various nuances in order to find the best option, which will help you relax and gain strength. Not every mattress can provide full spine relaxation. Therefore, it’s not worth making savings on your own health and buying the cheapest models. ….  Read More

Handmade decor for the New Year

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New Year is one of the most popular holidays and everyone likes it. Your family can get together because of this holiday, have fun, and relax. There is a saying that how you spend this say, you will spend the whole year. Even if you don’t believe in this, everyone wants to decorate their houses. ….  Read More