Handmade decor for the New Year

New Year is one of the most popular holidays and everyone likes it. Your family can get together because of this holiday, have fun, and relax. There is a saying that how you spend this say, you will spend the whole year. Even if you don’t believe in this, everyone wants to decorate their houses. We told you about the general rules for decorating and today we will tell you how to make decor with your own hands.

Before starting, I want to remember that green paintings complement the design greatly. They may be in different styles and shades but exactly the red paintings attract much attention and make an interior more intriguing. You can choose any painting which seems attractive to you. Abstract paintings are the most popular today because they suit any interior. They make no sense and people like it. Be sure, your guests will attract attention to such a painting!

7 life hacks to make a New Year decor

If you wouldn’t spend a lot of money you want to make something by yourself. There are some life hacks which you may use in decor:

  1. You can make a toy from wood. Every year means a different zodiac sign. For example, 2020 is the year of the bull. You can make a wooden toy in the form of the bull. It will look amazing!;
  1. You can create small felt toys and decorate a room with them. The smallest inhabitants of the house can help in creating such a decoration. For them it will be an unforgettable pastime and preparation for the New Year’s fairy tale;
  1. Make a Christmas wreath with your own hands! you need to buy a base for a wreath, some Christmas tree branches, a red satin ribbon, and small decor items. And glue gun, of course. It is easy to do and your guests will be fascinating!;
  1. You also can make original snowflakes with your own hands. You can use paper, cardboard, or plastic bottles for this. It is necessary to prepare a stencil and then cut out the snowflakes. The second way is origami. The snowflakes can be decorated with sparkles or beads. Be sure, your relatives will be pleasantly impressed;
  1. You can make the simple garlands by own hands. You need to buy a thread and stick some decor on it. For example, those same snowflakes or your photos. You can buy little stars and glue them on a thread. 

These are all tips which help you in decorating. All people want to consider their homes beautiful, especially during the holiday. So be brave and use our advice. Happy New Year!

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