A virtual dedicated server is the middle ground between the low cost of shared hosting and the power of a physical dedicated server. The hosting of VPS / VDS virtual servers is as follows: on a single server, several virtual machines are created, each of which is completely controlled by the user and can be configured to his/her own requirements.

Compared to shared hosting, VPS has several advantages:

  • root access;
  • the ability to install any OS and software;
  • the ability to restart the server at any time;
  • lack of restrictions on the number of running processes, connections to the site and created directories;
  • the ability to backup the system;
  • stable operation due to the allocated minimum resources.

What projects are suitable for VPS / VDS?

A virtual dedicated server is suitable for almost any project, from small information sites to large game resources and e-commerce systems. This is the best option for:

  • large-scale web projects that need self-tuning of the OS and full control over the software;
  • projects spread over several sites, because you can work with any number of domains;
  • online stores, since there are no restrictions on the number of databases on VPS;
  • corporate resources, because you can place any number of mailboxes and an unlimited number of files, regardless of their size;
  • file storages, because VPS allows you to quickly download even very heavy files.

However, before ordering VPS, you must select the most suitable type and technology of virtualization for your project.

Consider switching to Litecoin VPS server hosting. This will allow your website to not only get more resources, but also work more efficiently, since VPS has the ability to optimize software settings for maximum performance specifically for your website.

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